Mahendra Singh Dhoni's Visit to the IOS

One of the most beloved cricketer of our times, Padma Bhushan Mahendra Singh Dhoni, visited IOS academy at Talegaon (SP), and stayed there for a couple of days. He was accompanied by his friends, Mr Simant Lohani, Director, Aarka Sports, Mihir Diwakar, Director, Aarka Sports, Vikas Hasija, Aarka Sports. Aditya, also from Aarka sports, along with Shekhar.

He arrived at the IOS academy on the morning of 21st Novemebr 2018 and and spent a couple of days with us. He stayed in a room devoted to him. In the evening he played a match with the academy players and gave them some valuable tips on the gentleman's game.

Day 2 began with him interacting with the students of Innovative Minds School Of Excellence. The students asked him a few questions and he gave some candid replied to their queries.

Students asked them the factors that make him a success and he said there is no short cut to it. He got where he is by hard work couple only by being honest. You should know yourself, your strengths and your weaknesses to be good at any thing at all.

When asked about how he managed his work and life he said it is a fine balance and he makes sure to do justice to what he is doing.

Advising the students on how to get over their set backs, he shared that when he was confronted with them, he liked to think of what's to be done next. Being practical is the mantra for the great man.

Afterwards he went to inspect the playing oval (MSD Point 7) being developed by IOS and laid the foundation stone for the same. Efforts are being made so that this point will be identified in the Google Maps locations when Point 7 landmark is searched on Google.

The landmark monument to represent 7 was erected overnight by the artisans who worked untiringly to complete it for MSD's visit. It came as a pleasant surprise for Mahibhai and a recognition for the villagers.

We are all blessed to have such a benevolent soul as our friend and guide!