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top Rahul Dravid on Zubin

Zubin has been an integral and vital part of support staff and has added a lot to the growth and success of the Royals. I have have appreciated and benefited from his ability to break down and analyze games of cricket and bring out what is relevant from the many statistics that come out in these games. We are constantly having many conversations on tactics and strategy. He also is a good spot of talent and if the talent is relevant to the role we are looking for. He is a vital link between our analyst and the players.

He has played and studied the game and I know the players and me value his thoughts on the cricketing aspects of our games as well and our constantly having conversations with him.

top Shane Watson on Zubin

Zubin is one of the most knowledgeable individuals I have met in the cricket world and specifically on batting technique, strategy and tactics. He has a great way of articulating it to all the team members who continue to learn and evolve their games through this knowledge base. The other side of Zubin is, he studies every detail of every game the Royals play, giving us the best possible combinations to combat the opposition and, the subsequent information to put us in a position to win games.

top Ranjit Saini (President - Cricket Canada)

Cricket Canada wishes to acknowledge the enormous effort that has been put forward by WCA in the planning and staging of this tour in a very short time. We are very pleased with the sincerity, efficiency and the detailed planning effort of the WCA staffs.

Getting experience on Indian wickets and becoming used to the environmental conditions prior to the ICC CWC2011 is a key component of our efforts to get ready for the competition. This tour will take us to Delhi, Raipur, Nagpur and Mumbai. Our team will play practice matches in key venues against good opposing teams, giving our team the valuable experience that it needs.

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank BCCI and its member associations for helping make this tour happens. We wish to acknowledge contributions of Delhi and District Cricket Association, Chhattisgarh State Cricket Sangh, Vidarbha Cricket Association and Mumbai Cricket Association for supporting this tour. We are also very thankful for the support provided by Bombay Gymkhana and D Y Patil Cricket Academy.

We are hopeful that the trip will be great success and our players would gain meaningful experience and knowledge.

top Yusuf Pathan's Message for Academy

Always Dream of what you want in your life and work hard to achieve it. Best wishes for your bright future.

top Craig Howard, Spin Bowling Coach, South Australia Red Backs

I seriously had the time of my life and the way we were treated was second to nothing i have experienced before. You guys should be extremely proud of what you have set up there and what you have provided not only for the Cricket community but also the greater community around the area. It was very heart warming to see such compassion for others.

From a Cricket point of view i want to thank you for passing on all your knowledge and i learnt an enormous amount in a short period of time. The experience our guys are getting there will be invaluable and the sheer volume as well as the quality is going to put them in great stead for the upcoming season. I will certainly be recommending this becomes a regular event, especially for the spinners, i would love to bring a group each year. The dramatic improvement i saw in Bails was amazing, and reaffirmed a lot of my beliefs that our cricketers don't bowl and bat enough. Especially the spinners who i feel would gain enormously from spending a period of time there each year heading into the season by having the chance to work on minor technical things then put them into practice in a competitive environment for long periods of time.

top Cullen Bailey, Spin Bowler, South Australia Red Backs

For anyone that wants to improve their cricket I would absolutely recommend the WCA. The facilities, coaching and people involved make WCA a first class academy for whatever stage of the cricketing journey you are on. Two weeks was very well spent and I can't wait to come back again.

top Ryan Tendoeschate - Essex CCC & Holland
Programmes: Professional Cricket Development

I am pleased to recommend Mrugang Desai (Monty) as an accomplished coach of cricket.

Monty has been involved in coaching players from Essex CCC (including myself) at the WCA in Mumbai for the past few years and it has always been an absolute pleasure to work with him.

His technical and tactical knowledge of the game, combined with his boundless affection for the sport make him an asset to any coaching outfit from grassroots to professional level. His drills are innovative and efficient, his manner easy yet commanding, and his general peoples skills are second to none. Monty is one of those coaches who loves a heavy work load and one who's sessions end on completion of the set out goals.

As the head coach of the WCA I noticed Monty earned the respect of his junior coaches by illustrating a superior knowledge of the game but by also being approachable and insistant on passing on this knowledge to others.

Aside from his cricket coaching skills Monty is an all round good bloke.

Ryan ten Doeschate

Ryan has just recently been awarded the ICC Associates Player of the Year - congratulations Ryan.

top Mike Brogan (Team Manager) - Hampshire Cricket Board u17s
Programmes: Youth Cricket Development
Dates: April 2008

Mission accomplished! The tour to Mumbai and the World Cricket Academy was an overwhelming success. Although the focus of the tour was cricket, the tour party enjoyed a wonderful, unique cultural and social experience as well.

India hit us for six! Our senses were close to overload, the sights,the noises, the smells , the colours etc. We were all mesmerised by what Mumbai had to offer. We marvelled at the culture of near misses as we travelled around in our taxis.

The cricket Facilities at WCA were first-class, and the coaching drills were imaginative and focussed. All the boys profited from the coaching and were able to pit their skills against local teams in limited over games. Although we only won one game, we were never outplayed. Our opponenents were used to the exhausting and trying conditions, and were also older and more experienced than our boys.

We returned to England richer for the experience, not just as cricketers but also as more rounded human beings.Not one of us would have missed the tour for the world.

top Will Smith (Nottinghamshire CCC, now with Durham CCC)
Programmes: Professional Cricket Development
Dates: February 2007

The WCA is a well-run, very enjoyable place to go and train. I have only spent one ten-day period there, but was made to feel completely at home in such a welcoming atmosphere.

The history and tradition draws you in at every opportunity. The Cricket Club of India, Mumbai is a great stadium, serving so many purposes day and night.

During the day, it is all about cricket. Anything that could be done to help or further you cricketing needs is ensured. And the facilities are as excellent as I have encountered worldwide; they are second to none. At night, it comes alive as bars, and restaurants take centre stage.

I had the great privilege of working with two fantastic coaches. The late Hanumant Singh, who will be missed dearly by many I am sure, and his deputy Monty Desai. Hanumant was astute and meticulous and a true gentleman. Monty is certainly no less impressive as a coach and a man.

All in all, a fantastic place and a fantastic experience!

top Chris Nash (Sussex CCC)
Programmes: Professional Cricket Development
Dates: January 2007

I worked with Monty during my visit to the World Cricket Academy in January of 2007 having just broken into the Sussex 1st team at the end of the 2006 season.

Spending 10 days working on my game in the heat and humidity of Mumbai was a great experience and the facilities at WCA were fantastic. Working with Monty on all aspects of my batting was a great experience as he passed on new ideas and methods especially on the playing of spin bowling.

The 10 days were well scheduled and there was never any shortage of bowlers to work on my game against spin. Having taken away the advice and knowledge from working with Monty from my trip I had a hard working pre season and started the season in the Sussex 1st XI.

It is no coincidence that many of my runs this year have come against 2 sides with world class spinners in Lancashire and Hampshire who have Muttiah Muralitharan and Shane Warne respectively. This is as a direct result of the work I had done with Monty & WCA and my subsequent improvement in playing world class spinners.

I wish Monty all the success in his future coaching and hope I get the chance to work with him again in the near future.

top Andy Flower (Essex CCC, Zimbabwe and England Batting Coach)
Programmes: Professional Cricket Development
Dates: February 2006

Dear Monty,

I am aware that you & WCA have been conducting cricket coaching camp in Atlanta and have also participated in the tournament locally, and done quite well. I want to congratulate all of you involved at WCA-Atlanta for your wonderful efforts in giving opportunity to young cricketers at the grass root level and I must say , it takes a lot of courage to do that.

For all the young budding cricketers it is very important to get the right direction on the cricket field and proper guidance to play cricket in a good environment.I am sure you will act as a very good Mentor for them and help them to reach the next level. You and all who are involved with WCA-Atlanta are doing a fantastic job and have taken a very encouraging and a positive step for the development of this game in USA.

I appeal everyone in Atlanta to support this wonderful game of cricket . My good wishes to all of you.


top Nick Compton (Middlesex CCC & England A)
Programmes: Professional Cricket Development
Dates: November 2006

The WCA in 2006 gave me a fantastic platform to explore end devlop my ability to play spin. With top class facilities, spinning wickets and an abundance of talented spinners on hand I felt the WCA provided the perfect environment to improve my game but also through inivative coaching techniques I gained a real confidence in my ability to play spin.

In addition to that visiting a place like India is as much about developing your game as it is yourself as a person. Managing yourself within a different culture, taking in new surroundings and building relationships with different people is what my experience meant to me.

Make the most of your time there, be busy and work hard.

top Alex Loudon (Warwickshire CCC & England)
Programmes: Professional Cricket Development
Dates: November 2005

Since my last visit to the WCA I have been heartened by the clear intent shown by the WCA management to lead the market in providing a cricket and cultural experience of the highest quality.

With the extremely sad passing away of Hanumant Singh, the WCA has lost a man and coach of the highest order. However, his young protege Monty has since begun to fill part of the void left by the great man with his keen eye and friendly, enthusiastic demeanour.

I wish all those who travel to the WCA a fantastic time. The experience has to date benefited a great many cricketers; and I have no doubt will continue to do so in the future.

top Rory Hamilton-Brown (Surrey CCC)
Programmes: Professional Cricket Development
Dates: January & March 2007

The WCA has some of the best facilities to work on your game along with great coaches and testing conditions, I found it has progressed my game considerably following my two visits!

top Jaik Mickleburgh (Essex CCC)
Programmes: Professional Cricket Development
Dates: February 2007

It was such a big step in my cricketing career and developing me as a person. It was the first time I had been out of europe, away from my friends and family in to a totally different environment. Training alongside other team mates from Essex most mornings and afternoons, improved my game so much.

The WCA coaches were brilliant giving us new ideas and methods mainly playing against spin.

Amar and Toby were always there for us, whether it be bargaining for clothes or eating the best food - these were the men.

Thanks to you guys and the staff at Essex CCC who made this trip possible.

top Rob Ferley (Kent CCC)
Programmes: Professional Cricket Development
Dates: February 2007

Spending 10 days at the WCA was a great experience. Being a spin bowler it was great to be in environment where your game can only get better. The passion that everybody holds for spin bowling is exhilarating. The opportunity to bowl for long periods with great coaching is something quite unique. The WCA is definately an excellent place to go to improve your cricket. I cant wait to go back again.

top Michael Brown (Hampshire CCC)
Programmes: Professional Cricket Development
Dates: 15th to 23rd December 2006

My time at the WCA was great fun and gave me a huge insight into the methods of playing spin bowling and has no doubt made me a better cricketer.

top Liam Dawson (Hampshire CCC)
Programmes: Professional Cricket Development
Dates: 27th February to 4th March 2006

The WCA was a great experience for someone of my age only being 15 at the time. Id never been to the sub continent before so to go there and train for 10 days with exellent facillities also learning how to play on turning wickets, grooving a technique that would help improve my game.

Thanks to the coaches for all the help and advice.

top Alan Butcher (Surrey CCC Coach)
Location: C.C.I. MUMBAI
Dates: 20TH - 30TH JAN 2005

I am pleased to say that from first to last the 10 days spent at the World Cricket Academy based at the CCI Mumbai were a wonderful experience. Scott Newman, Richard Clinton and myself, have gained invaluable insights into the techniques and mindsets required to be good players of spin bowling. At the same time we have soaked up the rich cricket atmosphere and hospitality of this superb club.

Accomodated within the club, it was never more than two minutes from bedroom to nets, helping to maximise the opportunity to take advantage of the facility. High quality nets are available from 8.30am( earlier if required ) along with about thirty young and willing bowlers who, as well as bowling long spells, are also pleased to give endless throw downs to batsmen seeking to perfect the drills introduced as the camp gets underway.

It is possible for batsmen to have 3-4 half hour nets per day plus a further hour or more of drill practise. The drills included one-hand driving with full follow through, "down the pitch" drill, sweep & slog sweep drills and shadow drills designed for understanding of feel and rhythm. A variety of "feeds" are employed depending on player skill levels, ranging from stationary size one basketball, through lobbed tennis ball, multiple balls to cricket balls. There is something for everyone, to engage interest and challenge current thinking.

To further stimulate the learning process, net sessions were also varied in nature. Pairs batting and open -wicket sessions helped create an element of competition between bat and ball that simulated match play.

Hanumant Singh, the resident coach and his assistant "Monty" are constant sources of knowledge of the "Indian" approach to batting against spin, preaching precision and concentration while encouraging positive strokeplay. They both dispensed friendly support, a smattering of wise Indian philosophy and, when the occasion demanded, firm admonishment.

It is difficult to believe that anyone from 14 to 34 cannot pick up something to benefit their game and I would recommend WCA as a perfect place for an Academy visit. I sincerely believe that WCA offers more scope for skill acquisition and development than a normal tour while providing a rich cultural experience, which may profoundly affect an individuals thinking.

The above is played out in an old colonial atmosphere in which manners, standards and etiquette are prized and upheld, although in a not too overbearing fashion. The food in the CCI's four restaurants is plentiful, cheap and very good. It has a superb pool, health club, squash courts billiards and bridge rooms.

To sum up I believe this to have been very worthwhile trip and one that we should be seeking to expand upon in the future with academy as well as staff players taking part.

top Alex Loudon (Warwickshire CCC)
Location: Mumbai

I would thoroughly recommend the WCA to anyone wishing to improve their cricket, and learn more about the art of batting. The WCA not only takes great pride in its provision of 1st class practice facilities and coaching, but also perfectly encapsulates that wonderful enthusiasm for cricket that is so unique to India.

The 10 day camp is intensive, well organised yet flexible around the individual, and extremely beneficial to any player wishing to hone his skills on worn pitches against a multitude of spinners! Mumbai is a city full of magnetic charm and the WCA personnel provide a very warm and embracing reception to any visiting cricketer or coach.

top John Childs (Essex CCC)
Programme: Spin Bowling Camp
Location: Mumbai
Dates: 6TH-17TH JANUARY 2003

Essex County Cricket Club took up the opportunity of taking three of our professional spin bowlers Paul Grayson, James Middlebrook, Tim Phillips and myself in my role as coach to India through the World Cricket Academy Spin Bowling Camp at the impressive venue of the Brabourne Stadium. This was to offer excellent practice facilities and good clean accommodation.

Our spin bowling coaches were EAS Prassana and BS Bedi both well-known and very respected test cricketers for India. Both had their own style of coaching with Prassana offering a lot of practical work within the net area and Bedi keen to explore the mental and physical side to the art of the spin bowler. This worked well, as they both complimented each other and never contradicted the points put forward.

Throughout the camp they continually asked the Essex players to step out of their comfort zone. To be open to the suggestions put forward and, although this was at times difficult given that not many accept change readily it was done in such a manner that left them hungry for more information.

As a Coach, I was also to take on board valuable points that will support my future coaching and was also pleased to hear confirmation of the areas I had worked with the players. Bedi and Prassana are legions in the history of Indian and Test cricket and Essex CCC feel that this has been of great value for there players and would view the opportunity of future visits for either batting or bowling camps within India very favourably in the future.

Lastly, a word of congratulations to the staff of WCA who made the trip both enjoyable and professional with there backup and commitment to the programme.